Where did soaps come from?  When did we start using soaps?  How are they made?  If you’re curious about any of these questions, then you must check out my “Short History of Soaps”. 


Here at Campagnola Farms, we live, breath and eat (not literally) compost!  It truly is BLACK GOLD!   To learn more about natural organic mulches, access the following PDF file. 

Check out the Home Page for the Farmer’s Market on the Westford Green!  Located in the small rural community of Westford, VT on route 128.  The market is open from mid-June to mid-October every Friday from 3:30—6:30 pm, RAIN OR SHINE!

This neighborhood forum is open only to the people who live their.  It’s free and requires no work from you.  Simply join and receive occasional email newsletters written by your neighbors.  Contribute messages as you like.  It’s all about helping neighbors connect.

Both my parents were born and raised during the Fascist Reign in Italy, and lived through the some of the worst fighting to occur in WWII.  This website gives a wonderful overview of what life was like at this time in Italian History. 

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There is a traditional Italian song called “O Campagnola Bella” which my mother loves to sing to this day.  It has become the official “anthem” for our farm.   (written by Carlo Buti, 1939)

Check out some of my You-Tube video creations of the farm and my animals.  This video features playtime between our three big male doggies:  Fredo, (Maremma) Toby, (Great Pyrenees) and Shadow. (German Shepherd) 

Check out some of my You-Tube video creations of the farm and my animals.  This one shows our birds, and end with a Frisbee game featuring “Shadow”, our German Shepherd.  . 

Check out some of my You-Tube video creations of the farm and my animals.  Nicole is a tiny little Rose-Combed Bantam hen who was found inside the dumpster of a K-mart in NJ.  We adopted her in the spring of 2007. 


Campagnola Farms Photo Gallery Slide-Show

Vermont Free PC is an informal network which collects used computers in the Chittenden County area, refurbishes them, and makes them freely available to the public. The goal of VTFPC is to keep computers out of the landfill and put them into the hands of people who can use them, especially those who might not be able to afford them otherwise. !

Maybe because milk just tastes better when it comes from a glass milk bottle, because glass doesn't hold the odors like plastic does, maybe because you know that glass won't leak like the paper cartons do sometimes, or because glass keeps the milk colder and fresher since the air doesn't leak in, or you just like the memories it brings back from your childhood.

Find out everything and anything you ever needed to know of the town of Westford.  From the town office hours, to the most recent Town Newsletter, you’ll get what you need from this site.  Check it out today! 

Adams Turkey Farm and Maple Products is located in the Northwestern part of Vermont, in the small town of Westford. Our farm has been in the Adams family since the mid 1940's. Dave and Judy and their four children are the first Adams to bring the idle land into active full time farming production beginning in 1981.