The follow items have been, or are currently being offered for sale by our farm.  For more information, please hit the “More details…” link. 

Campagnola Farms Product List

     My chickens are raised free-range, and fed a wholesome healthy diet.  My eggs not only taste better then store bought, they LOOK BETTER!  They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors!  I also offer seasonal duck, turkey and geese eggs when available. 

Text Box: Farm-Fresh Eggs from Free-Ranging Chickens

     Jarred in a traditional Neapolitan fashion, they contain only pure tomato puree from our own plum tomatoes, basil and kosher salt.  Raised pesticide/herbicide free, using only natural manures for fertilizers, my tomato plants are a special heirloom variety found only in our family.  

Text Box: Jarred Tomato Puree

     Available in a variety of shapes, and sizes, Campagnola Farms Soaps are all hand-crafted  in small batches.  From the luxurious Castile Soaps, to the wholesome Goats Milk Soaps, and finally good old fashion lye soaps.  We even make a Pine Tar Soap, which we use ourselves for it’s natural anti-microbial agents. 

Text Box: Home Made Goats-Milk, Olive Oil & Lye Soaps.

     Looking for fresh or dried herbs, raised all naturally?  Well Campagnola Farms has a lot to offer!  We grow everything from Parsley and Basil, to chamomile, bee balm and thyme.    PESTO:  Also available seasonally are freshly made containers of Pesto, using our garden fresh Basil and Garlic. 

Text Box: Dried & Fresh Herbs & Spices

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A Thanksgiving Turkey, raised on our farm. 

Text Box:      Available weekly at the Farmer’s Market on the Westford Green are frozen Cornish X Rock Chickens for Sale.  In addition to these frozen birds, we will also have some freshly slaughtered chickens, ducks and geese available periodically at the market.    
Text Box: Pastured Poultry

     What could be more soothing then taking a wonderful hot bath?  Well,  taking a hot wonderful bath WITH one of my bath products!   Containing the “oils of life” (essential oils), these products will help wash way the days stress and anxieties while also leaving your skin feeling silky-smooth and refreshed! 

Text Box: Aroma-Therapy Milk Baths and Bath Salts
Text Box:      Campagnola Farms periodically offers young pigs, goats and poultry for sale.  Since we do not accept orders, sales are made on a  “First-Come, First-Serve Basis.”  You can check for availability by emailing, calling or checking the details pages on a regular basis.   
Text Box: Piglets, Baby Goats, and Chicks for Sale.

     My surplus veggies are sold at the Westford Farmer’s Market every Friday during the market season.  You can find out what’s in season by calling or emailing me, and by subscribing to the Westford Front Porch Forum. 

Text Box: Fresh, Seasonal Vegetables (dried beans too)

     Moma “Campagnola” will occasionally bake up some of her wonderful Italian Pastry items, including Struffoli, Pinoli and Christmas Cookies.  We make these available at the Farmer’s Market on the Westford Green only. 

Text Box: Specialty Baked Goods, and Pastries

     No store-bought catsup can compare to the taste of Campagnola Farms Home-style Catsup.  It contains an all-natural secret blend of herbs, spices, and tomato puree made from our own special variety of tomatoes.  Discover what Catsup is supposed to taste like! 

Text Box: Home-Style Catsup


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