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†††† You will find Campagnola Farms products being sold at the Westford Farmerís Market, every Friday, rain or shine!†

†††† People who attend farmersí markets directly support the local economy by assisting farmers.  It is also the very best place to find the freshest ingredients to prepare meals, the crispiest vegetables and the sweetest fruits. 


Text Box: Farmerís Market at the Westford Green             Route 128 on the Westford Green,   Westford, VT 05494
Market Coordinator:                                                 Janet Franz, 802-878-7405     email:                            

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Text Box: Purchases on the Farm Site.

†††† There are several items available for sale ONLY ONSITE at our farm.† These includes:†

LIVE Animal purchases (including:† piglets, baby goats, poultry.)

Bulk orders of slaughtered poultry.

†††† You can email or call for further details anytime.


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