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Here’s a lovely view of our back pasture, which we hope to fence it off in the near future.  It would make an absolutely terrific area for our livestock to graze, and I hope to get that completed in the coming years. 

The Back Pasture

Right:  To locals, this is a landmark almost as familiar as the Red Brick Meeting House in the center of town.  This is an old barn which is definitely having some structural issues.

Left:  Another old barn on Huntley Rd.   

Old Barns in Westford

Right:  The Browns River, taken from the Westford Covered Bridge off Cambridge Rd.  There’s a great swimming hole just beyond the rapids, were we go on hot summer day’s to cool off.  I have also heard of people going tubing down the river during periods of high water, but I myself have never tried it,,,,yet! 

Far Right:  A Local setting up Sap Buckets in Early Spring.

Local Views. 

Taken during a rather intense winter storm, you can barely make out our very large dog Forrest in the path I constructed for our doggies.



Winter Scene:  December 2003

     Westford’s covered bridge is only 1 out of a 100 remaining  in Vermont.  Built in 1837, it’s construction method is based upon a multiple kingpost truss with a Burr Arch.  It was used until 1965 when it was bypassed by a steel/concrete bridge, built alongside it.  By 1975 the years of neglect had become so apparent that the first Westford Historical Society was formed with the intent to restore the bridge.  The repairs made were only temporary in nature, and by 1987 it was apparent that the bridge needed some major restoration.  The Westford Historical Society was reformed and in 1996 they were awarded a grant by the State of Vermont for repairs.  The bridge was finally totally restored and ready for pedestrian use again in 2001! 

Above:  The United Church of Westford, built in 1840 and is now the towns sole remaining house of worship, is barely visible amongst the trees. 

Left:  The First Unitarian Universalist Society Church dominates Church St Market Place in Downtown Burlington. 

Church Spires

Built in 1844, this building was the original town hall for Westford.  The library was formed in 1895 and located in the basement of the building where it shared the space with the town clerk.  In 1919 the library was moved into a vacant one room building where it stayed until 1974, when it was moved back to the old Town Hall building.  The current town offices had since moved out of the building to a new site alongside it. While the library was now in its own building, the building itself was in a state of disrepair.  Over the years, the town has been investing money into the repair and renovation of this historic site, which now presents a nice blend of the original style of the old Town Hall along with the modern conveniences of 21st century technology. 

Left:  A unique method of tractor restoration. 

Above:  The Restored Westford Covered Bridge and the newer steel/concrete bridge which now handles traffic for Cambridge Rd. 

Vermont Views

Night View of the Old Castle Remains in Castel Volturno. 

Here’s a nice old photo of the Westford Covered Bridge I found on the internet, date unknown. 

Westford Covered Bridge Photo.