These are the animals who make up our farm.  

We raise layer hens and meat chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys.  They are all Free-Range, and do a wonderful job eating up all the fly larvae around the farm.  We also have a small pond that the waterfowl enjoy tremendously. 

We have a pair of piggies we keep year round as breeding stock.  Keeping only one of the piglets they produce for slaughter, we sell the rest when they’re weaned.  My piggies are my compost machines, and they do a WONDERFUL JOB. 

We raise castrated male dairy cows for meat.  We buy them when they are only about 3 days old, direct from dairy farmers, and bottle feed them till weaned.  Then they go out to eat our grass till ready for slaughter. 

We have two lovely ladies, Matilda and Ellie-Mae, who are LaMancha Dairy Goats.  Accompanying them is their Nubian Stud Jubal.  Our goats are all extremely friendly and tame, and quite the escape artists as well!  

Our Livestock