Members of the “Campagnola” Pack

We adopted snowball from the humane society, where he was found wandering outside their parking lot.  He is not the snuggly,  cuddly kind of kitty cat.  Instead, he is a true hunter who loves his free time outdoors to hunt down all the mice that inhabit our farm. 

Fredo is a Maremma, otherwise known as Livestock Guardian Dogs.  He is an outdoor dog who protects our property and livestock from all dangers.  From coyotes and foxes, to unwanted solicitors of various religions, he notifies us of any possible incursions. 

Poopie was originally adopted out in PA where she and her brothers were being sold out of a cardboard box in front of a supermarket.  She was adopted by us  when her owners split up, and she’s been our little “poopie-head” ever since. 

Poopie, our Joisey Dog!    (born 2000)

Shadow is a German Shepherd of the working lineage.  No show dog,  he is an extremely intelligent little guy who is my constant companion.  We are now in the midst of training some basic herding skills with him. 

Shadow, the obedient one.  (born 2006)

Toby was adopted in 2007 and has been such a wonderful addition to our family.  Originally we thought we would use him as a working dog, but that idea didn’t last too long.  Instead he has become our bed-warmer, door-bell, vacuum cleaner, foot-warmer, and all-round loving companion.

Toby, our big cuddle bear.  (adopted 2007)

Fredo, our working dog.   (born 2004)

Our Dogs & Cat

Maxie is Toby’s big sister, but she is a completely different dog.  While Toby can be goofy, she’s serene.  Toby’s a drooler who luvs dumping into our muddy pond while Maxies doesn’t even like getting her paws dirty. 

Maxie, the gentle lady   (adopted 2008)