Campagnola Farms


Why Compost? 

   Will Rogers once said during the dust bowl era, “They’re making more people every day—but they ain’t making any more dirt”.  What takes nature thousands of years to build, mankind can destroy in a just a few.  However, we can now rebuild depleted soil in just a few  years with the addition of compost made from the discarded organic refuse from our own trash stream. 

     Almost 33% of this nations trash is considered to be organic, and could be composted, yet it still winds up in landfills.  This is a waste of a valuable resource which could be used to naturally replenish the soil without using chemicals. 

     Here on Campagnola Farms, we collect the kitchen waste from several local households for use as compost.  We mix it into our leaf/grass clipping piles, allowing the chickens to peck through it first, for any goodies they might enjoy.  When it’s  ready,  we till it into our garden soil with the help of “Bessy”, our Ford 1952 8N Tractor. 

     If you would like to have your compost picked up for use on our farm, the following rates apply:


     FREE PICKUP SERVICE (weekly or by appointment)

Colchester, Essex, Essex Junction, Milton, Westford, Fairfax.

     PICKUP SERVICE FOR A FEE (Residential)

Available for all of Chittenden Country, and the towns of George, Fairfax, and Cambridge. 

$10/ 5 gallon bucket for weekly pickup

$15/ 5 gallon bucket for biweekly pickup

$20/ 5 gallon bucket for monthly pickup


Also available for free in Colchester, Essex, Essex Junction, Milton, Westford and Fairfax.  We will provide you with a 33 gallon recycle can for use.  Daily pickups available if needed.     

To arrange a regular pickup of your compost, please contact me at: 

What can be Composted?


All food scraps including;


Meat, bones, fish, seafood

Seafood Shells

Fruits, Vegetables

Eggs, Eggshells

Milk, Cheese and Dairy

Dressings, Condiments, sauces

Flour, Bread, Pasta, Pastries

Coffee Grounds, Filters

Nuts and Nut Shells


Oils and Fats


Brown Paper Towels/Napkins

Dirty or Clean Paper Towels




Campagnola Farms


Mary “Campagnola”

Huntley Rd

Westford, VT  05494


802-752-7311 (cell)


Do you have leaves?


If you live close to Westford?  Are you are looking for a place to drop off your raked/bagged leaves? If so, then just send me an email.  I’ll take any/all bagged leaves. I will either pick them up from your house, or you can drop them off at the farm.  Just send me an email if interested. 


Applies only in the following towns:


Colchester, Essex, Essex Junction, Milton, Westford, Fairfax